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Aalborg Energie Technik a/s Biomass Power Plant

PowerCrop - Russi, Ravenna, Italy

The 30 MWe biomass-fired power plant is purchased by PowerCrop and is situated in Russi, Ravenna.

The joint venture between the Italian company Termokimik Corporation (TKC) and AET provided the equipment for a biomass-fired power plant, including an AET Biomass Boiler, to be erected in the city of Russi. The project is owned by PowerCrop Russi S.r.l., a company owned and operated by Enel Green Power and Seci Energia.


The AET Biomass Boiler was designed for a fuel heat input of 88 MWt and generates live steam at 122 bara and 542°C. The AET Biomass Boiler has, at normal continuous rating, a fuel heat input of 84 MWt and the power plant then produces 30 MWe (gross).


The annual power production corresponds to the consumption of around 84,000 households, and the biomass-fired power plant provides a reduction of carbon emission of 117,000 tonnes of CO2/year.


A joint venture has been formed between TKC and AET in order to utilise both companies’ strong competencies:

  • TKC is a highly regarded Italian engineering and contracting company with special expertise in power plants.
  • AET has a reputation for consistently delivering well-functioning biomass-fired plants, which have high availability and a very high efficiency.

The strict emission requirements of the project will be fulfilled using Best Available Technology, including AET Combustion System, AET Biomass Boiler, electrostatic precipitator (ESP), bag filter and NOx and CO catalysts.


The plant is to be completed and commissioned in 2019.


AET designed, supplied, constructed and commissioned the following scope:

  • Fuel feeding and AET Fuel Dosing System
  • AET Combustion System with AET Spreader Stoker and AET BioGrate
  • AET Biomass Boiler with superheaters and economisers
  • AET Overfire Air System
  • Oil/biogas combi-burner
  • Oil burner
  • AET Steam Air Preheaters
  • Flue gas ducting
  • Ash handling systems
  • Engineering of piping
  • Instrumentation
  • Engineering of steel structure
  • Engineering of boiler control system
  • Supervision of erection and commissioning.

Additional Information

  • To obtain more information about this biomass-fired power plant: Click here (page in Italian) 
  • To obtain more information about this biomass-fired power plant and AET: Contact AET sales.


88 MWth


122 bara


542 °C

Electrical power:

30 MWe

View of PowerCrop - Russi.

Boiler and steel structure during erection.

Erection of boiler section.

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