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Core Business

Aalborg Energie Technik a/s (AET) is an engineering company which designs, supplies, commissions and services biomass-fired boilers as well as full power or combined heat & power plants (CHP).

Furthermore, we are also able to supply all sub-systems for a complete turnkey biomass-fired power or CHP plant.


AET has given special priority to biomass-related plant systems and equipment within the dotted line shown in the diagram below. Total supply of these systems ensures:


- High efficiency » good customer business case

- High reliability » even better customer business case

- Optimal combustion » low flue gas emissions.



AET makes the detailed designs for the AET Biomass Boiler as well as procures both manufacturing and erection services from reliable, well-known and pre-qualified suppliers.


Fuel Dosing and Combustion System

AET decided a long time ago to in-source the design of this equipment and this is a primary reason why
AET Combustion System is a well-proven brand in the business. These components, together with the boiler design, optimise the combustion process and thus give our plants unique emission levels and operating conditions such as low in-house power consumption and extremely high availability.

All together, the AET combustion system forms a unique solution for AET's customers and several plants have been selected as Best Available Technology (BAT). Please see also the IPPC report 'Large Combustion Plants' published by the EU in 2006.

Electrical System, Control & Instrumentation

In most cases, AET also supplies this for the boiler plants since it is increasingly recognised within the industry that the control system is essential for optimal control of the combustion.


Condensate, Feed Water and Flue Gas Treatment

These subsystems are highly dependent of the boiler design. AET designs each subsystem within the project to ensure it complies with the requirements of the overall plant design.



SRO control system.


ENGIE - BCN in Grand-Couronne, France is a biomass-fired cogeneration plant with an annual fuel input of 165,000 tonnes of biomass fuel. 

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