• High Efficiency

Long-term High Efficiency with AET Biomass Plant

The AET Combustion System, AET Biomass Boiler and our experienced AET engineers ensure excellent plant efficiency, boiler efficiency and combustion efficiency for the entire lifetime of the plant.

One of the most important decisions for you as an investor in a biomass-fired plant, is to obtain as much energy from the fuel as possible and to minimise the losses as well as the residues from the biomass-fired plant.


High Plant Efficiency

The need for high plant efficiency is paramount in ensuring a good business case for a biomass-fired plant, irrespective of whether it is a biomass-fired power plant or a combined heat and power plant (CHP).


The AET engineers have in-depth experience of a range of process industries such as from steam turbine suppliers, EPC contractors and fuel handling suppliers.


All in all, this extensive experience can bring value to your project through heat balance optimisation and process integration in order to optimise your biomass plant efficiency, irrespective of whether it is a Biomass-fired cogeneration plant or a Biomass-fired power plant.


High Boiler Efficiency

The continuous and uniform combustion results in very low oxygen content in the flue gas, which is the basis of a highly efficient boiler.


With an AET Combustion System, the combustion is very efficient and constant without periods or areas of poor combustion resulting in unburned soot. This results in very clean heating surfaces and thereby minimises the need for soot blowing as well as a long-term low-levelled fouled boiler.


The long-term boiler efficiency with an AET Biomass Boiler is typically 91 – 94% ensures a good business case for you as a customer.


In addition, AET can also supply tail-end heat exchangers which, with flue gas condensation, will ensure even better boiler efficiencies.


High Combustion Efficiency

The basis for an efficient biomass firing is an optimised combustion; obtained by perfect alignment of the fuel dosing system, the air injection system for primary, secondary and tertiary air as well as the post-combustion chamber.


The AET Combustion System ensures uniform and continuous injection of fuel over the entire grate surface via the AET Spreader Stokers. The primary air is injected evenly over the cross section of the AET Bio-Grate and this, together with the well-distributed fuel injection, ensures a very efficient combustion.


The optimal injection of the secondary and tertiary air ensures efficient post-combustion and very low emissions; e.g. low NOx and low CO. This minimises the need for secondary measures, such as SNCR, SCR and CO catalyst.


The AET Combustion System is designed to meet  customer requirements and a combustion efficiency better than 99.9%

Linz-Mitte has a very high overall efficiency (85-87%) as a CHP plant.

Western Wood Energy Plant has a net efficiency of 30%,- even though designed back in 2005.

The AET Fuel Dosing System and AET Combustion System have been perfected by skilled and very experienced engineers at AET.

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