• ENGIE Cofely, BCN, Grand-Couronne, France

AET Biomass Boiler Plant

The AET biomass boiler is design for you who want to integrate biomasss-fired boilers in to cogeneration and power plants and appreciate excellent and well-documented performance and availability.

The Benefits for You

The benefits of an AET biomass boiler plant includes:

  • The unique AET Combustion System
    - High combustion efficiency
    - Low in-house power consumption
    - Low flue gas emissions
    - Best Available Technology

  • High fuel flexibility
    - Lower operating costs

  • High boiler efficiency
    - Good business case for you

  • High availability
    - Improved business case for you.

Determining the optimal design for an AET biomass boiler involves many parameters such as optimal operating conditions, fuel, feed water and steam properties and characteristics.

AET can assist you with optimising the plant parameters, not only for the boiler, but also for the complete plant. Our expert staff have many years of experience and extensive knowledge of steam cycles, boiler systems and steam turbines.


AET Biomass Boiler Parameters

An AET biomass boiler can be designed for almost all types of biomass and this high fuel flexibility can give you a low cost basis for your business case.

The design parameters below form the basic platform for our plants:

Fuel heat input

25 - 170 MWth

Steam boiler

Water tube boiler with natural circulation

Steam pressure

70 - 142 bar
Single pressure or double pressure (reheat, e.g. 140 bar and 25 bar)

Steam temperature

Up to 542 °C

Steam quality

According to VGB requirements for turbine operation

Furnace design

Residence time more than 2 seconds above 850 °C

Operating time

At least 8000 hours without shutdown for manual cleaning

Boiler efficiency

91% - 94% depending on fuel moisture

Emission values

Better than European requirements

Fuel flexibility

Fuel moisture content: 10 - 57%

Auxiliary burner

Not necessary

In-house power consumption

<2.0% of fuel heat input


Better than 98%.


To see some of AET Biomass Boiler Plants, click on the links below:

A 3D illustration of the ENGIE Cofely, SODC cogeneration plant in Orléans, France.

AET Biomass Boilers can burn a wide variety of biomass fuels.

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