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High-efficiency cogeneration plant fired with waste wood and railway sleepers in France at Humens

AET assisted Humens at Novacarb in achieving cleaner air and preventing soil contamination in addition to providing a commercial income from waste wood and railway sleepers, which were previously seen as a waste product.

By building a biomass-fired cogeneration plant, Novacarb improved its environmental performance as well as competitiveness. In partnership with ENGIE Solutions, a dedicated company was created: NOVAWOOD.

The high-efficient cogeneration plant, NOVAWOOD, produces steam for the Novacarb site in Laneuveville-devant-Nancy and power for the grid by combusting waste products. ENGIE Solutions, as main contractor, arranges fuel collection from two sources: Railway sleepers from the French national railway company (SNCF) and waste wood from SOVEN.


Novacarb’s goal with NOVAWOOD is to reduce the factory’s dependence on the highly polluting coal by approx. 40% and reduce the CO2 emissions by 150,000 tonnes per year. The biomass-fired cogeneration plant supplies steam for their production plant and it also supplies 115 GWh of green electricity per year to the national electricity network, corresponding to an annual consumption of around 65,000 households.


Energy is produced from combusting two fuels: waste wood and railway sleepers. Waste wood, which is sourced through collection centres, consisting of e.g. scrapped furniture, floors, doors, windows and pallets, is handled by SOVEN. By combusting old railway sleepers, a new business area has been created and the modernisation of the National Rail Network, owned by SNCF, can be made in an environmentally friendly way.



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Boiler: 65 MWth
  70 bara
  522 °C
Electrical: ≤15 MWe
Process energy: ≤42 MWthermal


Boiler during installation

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