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Aalborg Energie Technik a/s Biomass CHP Plant, District Heating

Linz-Mitte Energie-Anlage, Linz, Austria

18% of all district heating for Linz is provided by the biomass-fired combined heat and power plant.

The biomass-fired combined heat and power (CHP) plant was built and is owned and operated by Linz AG. AET was the turnkey supplier of the CHP plant.


Biomass combustion reduces CO2 emissions

The use of renewable energy sources for district heating reduces emissions by approx. 50,000 tonnes CO2 per year in the city of Linz. The biomass-fired plant fulfils the requirement of Linz AG to supply green electricity and bio heating.


High CHP plant efficiency

The biomass-fired plant also meets the ecological and economic requirements with its high fuel efficiency of 85 - 87%.


The CHP plant has an annual fuel input of 70,000 tonnes of forestry wood waste and other uncontaminated wood. More than 18% of the district heating to the city of Linz is therefore supplied from combustion of biomass.


The biomass-fired plant was delivered, installed and commissioned in 19½ months - 2 weeks ahead of schedule in 2005.


AET service

2006 → : Regular inspection


As turnkey contractor, AET supplied the complete CHP plant with the following scope:

  • Fuel feeding and AET Fuel Dosing System
  • AET Combustion System with AET Spreader Stoker and AET BioGrate
  • AET Biomass Boiler with superheaters, economisers and flue gas air preheater
  • AET Combustion Air System
  • Natural gas burner
  • Feed water system
  • Ash handling system
  • Bag filter
  • Stack
  • Steam turbine generator set
  • District heating condenser
  • Water treatment plant
  • Electrical systems
  • Piping and ducting
  • Insulation
  • Structural steel and boiler house
  • Platforms and stairs
  • Civil and building work
  • Instrumentation
  • PLC control and SCADA system.

Additional information

  • A presentation was given at Hot & Cool 2010 in Paris.
  • After 4 years of operation, technical engineer Hubert Pauli comments on biomass logistics, the fully automatic plant, AET project management and engineering, and the AET Combustion System: Click here to watch the video
  • To obtain more information about this biomass-fired plant and about AET: Contact AET Sales.
Boiler: 35 MWth
  67 bara
  462 °C

Electrical power:

≤9 MWe

Process energy:

≤22 MWdh

Video from Linz-Mitte CHP plant.

The Linz-Mitte Energie Anlage uses uncontaminated wood as fuel.

First Fire at the AET Biomass Boiler in Linz-Mitte.

The overall process at the Linz-Mitte cogeneration plant.

Zignago Power - successfully producing green energy in Italy
The 49 MW AET Biomass Boiler at the cogeneration plant in Italy is owned and managed by Zignago Power, belonging to the Marzotto family empire, has since its installation in 2013 been running with a very high availability (98,8%). The plant utilises wood residues and agricultural waste such as straw, mischantus and maize >Read more
Zignago Power - successfully producing green energy in Italy
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