• Rothes CoRDe CHP plant

AET Products

AET designs and supplies complete biomass-fired boilers, combined heat and power (CHP) plants as well as power plants.

Some of the benefits of an AET plant are:

  • The unique AET Combustion System
    - Low flue gas emissions
    - High combustion efficiency
    - Low in-house power consumption and
    - Best Available Technology
  • High fuel flexibility
    - Lower operational costs
  • High boiler and plant efficiency
    - Optimised heat balance  -
    Good customer business case

  • High availability
    - Improved customer business case

AET Biomass Boiler

AET carries out the basic and detailed design of the AET Biomass Boiler and procures materials, manufacturing and erection from reliable and reputable suppliers.

AET Combustion System

The AET Combustion System is a well-proven technology and a brand in the biomass business. This system, together with the boiler design, optimises the combustion process giving our plants unique emissions and operational conditions such as low in-house power consumption and extremely high availability.

Altogether, the AET Combustion System forms a unique solution for AET's customers and several plants have been selected to be Best Available Technology (BAT) - as described in the IPPC report 'Large Combustion Plants' made by the EU in 2006.

Fuel Handling

The fuel handling systems are customised to the plant specific requirements and the basic design is within AET.


Steam Turbine Generator (STG) and Condenser

The water/steam cycle is optimised by experienced AET engineers with the use of advanced software programs, and the STG is specified by AET and  purchased from leading manufacturers.

Condensate, Feed Water and Flue Gas Cleaning

These systems are very much linked to the boiler design; AET designs each component within the supply to make sure that it fits the overall design of the plant.


AET also offers its in-house designed and high performance AET SNCR DeNOx system for new  plants as well as retrofitting of existing plants.


PLC Control and SCADA System

Most often, AET supplies these systems since it is recognised within the industry that the PLC control and SCADA system are essential for perfect control of the combustion and the high availability of the plant.

Rothes CoRDe is a biomass-fired cogeneration plant in Scotland fueled with a whisky by-product and clean wood. The plant was commissioned in 2013.

The AET Fuel Dosing System and the AET Combustion System have been perfected by skilled and very experienced engineers to burn a wide range of biomass fuels and to obtain the best possible availability and return on investment.

Control room at Rothes CoRDe CHP plant in Scotland, where the staff can supervise and control the combustion using the AET SCADA System.

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