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With the ongoing climate changes, emissions from combustion plants are going to be minimised. Cur­rent NOx emission limits are also under pressure and new emission criteria are being implemented in Euro­pe for new boilers as well as for existing boilers.

AET is an experien­ced manufacturer of boilers and Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction (SNCR) plants. AET has the knowledge of integrating these systems and can reduce NOx emissions up to 85% with an AET SNCR DeNOx System.


New Legislation

In Europe, new legislation, in accordance with the IPPC Directive, impose new values that must be complied with in terms of reducing atmospheric emissions. Special attention is given to reducing NOx emissions.


NOx-emission criteria in the new Medium Combustion Plants (MCP) and Large Combustion Plants (LCP) are valid from 1 MWt and upwards. The required NOx emission limit values can be lowered even further, in case EU limits for air quality are superseded.


The AET SNCR DeNOx System

The SNCR technology is a method used to reducing the NOx emissions by injecting a reagent in the post combustion chamber, optimally at a temperature range of 850 - 1090 oC.


When buying an AET SCNR DeNOx System, you also get access to the know-how of AET employees, who have more than 30 years of design and hands-on expe­rience with boilers fired with biomass, coal, oil, gas and waste.


An AET SNCR DeNOx System is both cost effective, highly efficient and has a high availability.


The investment for an AET SNCR DeNOx System is low compared to Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). Fur­ther­­more, an AET SNCR DeNOx System can often be in­stalled within a few days, as the system is skid mounted in modules and thoroughly tested, resulting in an extremely high availability.


The AET SNCR DeNOx System is made from stainless steel, as the injection reagent can cause corrosion. Al­though this is more costly, it presents numerous benefits to the operating and maintenance team, as very little wear and tear is seen.


Successful Implementation

Important parameters for successful implemen­tation and a cost effective solution are:

  • Injection nozzle: design and position

  • Temperature at injection point(s)

  • Boiler operation

  • Fuel variation

  • Boiler fouling

  • Reaction time for media

  • Reagent media

  • Automation level.

At optimal process conditions, the AET SNCR DeNOx System can reduce up to 85% of the NOx emissions in biomass-fired and fossil fuel-fired boilers.


Flexible Scope of Supply

AET is flexible in the approach to scope of supply and a full turnkey AET SNCR DeNOx System can include:

  • Reducing agent storage tank

  • Pump unit

  • Mixing and dosing unit

  • Piping

  • Lances (levels, interaction)

  • Nozzles (types, angling)

  • On-line temperature measurement in furnace

  • ChlorOut integration

  • Emission measurement (NOx, CO, NH3)

  • PLC control system

  • SCADA integration

  • CFD calculation

  • Boiler calculation.

On the right hand side, you can see different configurations of the AET SNCR DeNOx System.


For an existing boiler, an on-site test is recommen­ded, which can include temperature measurement in the furnace and preliminary NOx-reduction test with a test kit.


AET has a mobile SNCR test kit, to be used for testing in your boiler. With this unit, we can make a technical and environmental test at your site. The test can be made with short notice and will only take a few days. After this test, we are able to predict the emission reduction and the process behind it.


The on-site test can be supplemented by a CFD calculation as well as a boiler performance calculation in order to foresee furnace temperature at different loads, fuels etc.


Reduction of NOx emissions


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De Danske Gærfabrikker (DDG) reduced the NOx emissions by ~50% by using AET SNCR DeNOx System.

At Tilbury Green Power, the AET SNCR DeNOx System reduced the NOx emissions by ~70%.

FunderMax reduced the NOx emissions ~80% by using the AET SNCR DeNOx System.

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