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AET's SNCR DeNOx System is characterised by a number of well-proven solutions, which together ensure a highly reliable system with a very long lifetime, as well as with a minimum of maintenance and operating losses.

Overview of some of our references for delivery of AET SNCR DeNOx Systems


Fuel type

Fuel Heat 


Reducing Agent

ENGIE Solutions - Novawood, Nancy (FR) Waste wood & railway sleepers 65 MWt Urea
Western Wood Energy Plant, Port Talbot (UK) Clean wood & waste wood 48 MWth Urea
MAV Elektrik, Bolu (TR) Chicken litter 100 MWth Urea
Linz-Mitte, Linz (AT) Clean wood 35 MWth Ammonia

Solvay, Rheinberg (DE)

Waste wood (A1-A4) 90 MWth Ammonia

Lallemand Denmark A/S, Grenaa (DK)

Coal 15 MWth Ammonia

Akuo Energy - CBN, Novillars (FR)

Waste wood from forestry

63 MWth Urea

Tilbury Green Power, London  (UK)

Waste wood

125 MWth


TripleNine, Thyborøn (DK)


2x20 MWth


ENGIE Solutions - BCN, Rouen (FR)

Clean wood & waste wood from forestry

55 MWth


ENGIE Solutions - BESVSG, Vielle-S.-G. (FR)

Clean wood & Dertal oil

50 MWth


Kronospan, Ryomgaard (DK)

Waste wood & sander dust

27 MWth


Rothes CoRDe Ltd, Speyside (UK)

Clean wood & distillery by-product (draff)

34 MWth


Zignago Power, Fossalta di Portogruaro (IT)

Clean wood & agro-waste

49 MWth


FunderMax, Neudörfl (AT)

Clean wood, demolition wood (A1-A2) & dust

50 MWth


Boehringer Ingelheim, Ingelheim (DE)

Demolition wood (A1-A4)

70 MWth


Swiss Krono, Heilgengrabe (EA3)  (DE)

Demolition wood (A1-A4) & dust

65 MWth


Aarhus Karlshamn, Aarhus (DK)

Heavy fuel oil

2x32 MWth


Pfleiderer, Gütersloh (DE) Demolition wood (A1-A4) & dust 60 MWth Urea


For further technical information about AET's SNCR System - please click here.


For further technical information about NOx reduction - please click here.


Besides the AET SNCR System, AET has used SNCR systems from other suppliers, which we also service.

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