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High Availability with AET Biomass Plant

The AET Biomass Boiler Plants, AET Biomass Cogeneration Plants and AET Biomass Power Plants are recognised as being amongst the most reliable biomass-fired plants in Europe.

A very important factor for you as an investor in a biomass-fired plant, is to obtain as many operational hours per year as possible in order to maximise the output of power production, steam for industrial processes and/or heat for district heating. A change of availability can have a major impact on the business case for the biomass-fired plant as well as your core business.


AET Biomass Plants are designed to require only a few, short, planned stops during the year as:

  • the experience from panel board/MDF manufactures indicates that only a 1-day winter stop and a few days' stop in the summer are required
  • the AET Biomass Boiler is designed with very limited refractory and therefore has a very short shutdown and startup time (only a few hours)
  • the AET design is very robust and built by highly experienced staff
  • AET obtains operational and maintenance feedback thus ensuring continuous improvement
  • AET has the opportunity to provide online proactive, operational support.

AET Biomass Boiler Plant

With an AET Biomass Boiler Plant you select a plant with one of the highest proven long-term availability.


The biomass-fired boilers from AET typically have more than 8,450 hours per year, e.g. in Austria, Germany, Italy, France and UK.


This remarkably high availability is achieved also with very high fuel flexibility, e.g. at Zignago Power – see the quarterly reporting in the right hand column.


AET Biomass Cogeneration Plants and AET Biomass Power Plants

With an AET Biomass Cogeneration Plant and AET Biomass Power Plant  you select a plant with one of the absolutely highest proven long-term availabilities.


The biomass-fired plant at Western Wood Energy Plant has the highest average availability in the UK for a four-year period (average 93%) – please see details supplied by OFGEM. The average availability (93%) is calculated even with a power production being 4% higher than guaranteed in the original design.


Both the EPR-Eye Power Station and EPR-Glanford are designed by AET employees, and with more than 20 years of operation involving difficult fuels such as chicken litter and meat and bone meal (MBM), these plants  are still among the top four plants in respect of availability – please see details supplied by OFGEM.


In Germany and Austria, the AET plants normally operate for more than 8,300 hours per year, even when fuelled with waste and demolition wood.

Zignago Power plant, showing the boiler load and power production for Q2 2013, just as an example of high reliability.

OFGEM availability figures for biomass-fired plants in the UK; with the Western Wood Energy Plant at the top together with EPR - Glanford and the EPR-Eye Power Station, all designed by AET employees.

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