Aalborg Energie Technik a/s Biomass Boiler Plant

Green Valley Energie - Golbey, France

GVE helps Norske Skog to reduce the carbon footprint in Golbey by 210,000 tonnes of CO2 per year with a new biomass- and residue-fired cogeneration plant from AET

On the Norske Skog Golbey site in France, they are converting some of their production from newsprint to recycled containerboard. At the same time, AET is building a biomass- and residue-fired cogeneration plant for GVE, a joint venture between Pearl Infrastructure Capital, Veolia, and Norske Skog Golbey. When ready, the cogeneration plant will supply renewable energy to the new production line and power to the national grid.


This project also allows Norske Skog Golbey to:

  • benefit from local green fuels and replace natural gas
  • create a local use for wood waste and on-site paper sludge, which will be transformed into green energy
  • strengthen Norske Skog’s competitiveness and sustain on-site jobs.

The cogeneration plant will be the biggest on renewable fuels in France and will produce:

  • 200 GWh/year of green electricity (=13,000 homes)
  • 700 GWh/year of green steam to the Norske Skog Golbey paper mill.
  • Likewise, the cogeneration plant contributes to the green profile of the global project with a high-efficient AET Biomass Boiler and a high-performance turbine, also including an ORC plant for valorisation of the flue gas waste heat.


The design of the cogeneration plant is based on several operating scenarios in accordance with the steam needs of the papermill and with a typical range for the plant efficiency from 75-88%. The on-site construction works began in Q3-2022, and the project is expected to go into commercial operation in Q3-2024.




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Boiler: 131 MWth
  92 bara
  477 °C
Electrical: ≤25 MWe
Process energy: ≤90 MWthermal

GVE site the 06 SEP 2023.

Steel structure and service building

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