Aalborg Energie Technik a/s Biomass CHP Plant

Zignago Power, Italy

Zignago Cogeneration Plant is a biomass-fired combined heat and power plant, which was built and is operated by Zignago Power S.r.l.

Zignago Power S.r.l. belongs to the family-owned company Zignago Holding SpA.

The biomass CHP plant utilises forestry wood, clean, uncontaminated wood residues and agricultural waste (e.g. straw, miscanthus, maize).


High Fuel Flexibility

The Zignago plant is quite unique because of its wide range of fuels:

  • Forestry sector: e.g. forestry wood, tree cuts, brash, trimming, residues from sawmill and maintenance from gardens
  • Agricultural sector residual: e.g. wheat straw, barley straw, maize straw, grain from maize, fruit stones, nut shells and vineyard residue
  • Agricultural sector – dedicated: e.g. miscanthus, sorghum, thistle, poplar and willow.

Performance Test

The biomass boiler plant was successfully commissioned and handed over in the beginning of 2012. The official performance test, carried out by FORCE, indicated the following performance:

  • Combustion efficiency: +99.9%
  • Boiler efficiency: 92.6%
  • In-house power consumption of only 2.3% of fuel heat input
  • Emissions below stringent Italian standards

All measured performances were better than the guaranteed performances by a good margin.


Upgraded in 2014

The plant was upgraded in 2014, with a tail end heat exchanger, condenser and district heating system to supply district heating to the nearby villages and to the Zignago industrial facilities.

AET Delivery

AET designed, supplied, constructed and commissioned the following scope of supply:

  • AET Fuel dosing system
  • AET Combustion System with AET Spreader Stoker and AET-Biograte
  • Oil burner
  • AET Biomass boiler with superheater and economiser
  • AET Combution air system
  • AET SNCR DeNOx System
  • AET Steam air preheaters
  • Condensate preheaters
  • Feed water system
  • Ash handling system
  • Flue gas cleaning with absorbent injection system
  • Flue gas system and stack
  • Tail end heat exchanger
  • Steam condenser for district heating
  • Piping in boiler house and turbine hall
  • District heating pumps and piping at the plant
  • Ducting
  • Insulation
  • Structural steel for boiler house and cladding
  • Platforms and stairs
  • Instrumentation
  • PLC control and SCADA system for the full plant

Besides the above scope, AET assisted in the engineering the of the steam turbine and condenser as well as heat balance optimisation.


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Boiler: 49 MWfuel heat input
  92 bara


17,9 MWe

Process energy:  

4,5 MWdistrict heating

The Zignago biomass-fired power plant in Italy - respecting nature.

3D illustration of the Zignago power plant.

Emissiondata from the AET Biomass Boiler, presented at PowerGen 2013.

Zignago Power s.r.l.–successfully producing Green Energy in Italy
The 49 MW Zignago Biomass power plant in Italy, owned and managed by Zignago Power s.r.l., belonging to the Marzotto family empire, has since its installation in 2013 been running with a very high availability (98,8%). The plant utilises wood residues and agricultural waste such as straw, mischantus and maize. >Read more
Zignago Power s.r.l.–successfully producing Green Energy in Italy
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