• Vision & Values

Company Vision and Values

Aalborg Energie Technik a/s owes its success to the strong values and visions which are deeply rooted in the company and shared by all its dedicated employees.

Our Vision

AET will ensure a continued, positive and increased operating result by:


  • supplying combustion systems which are able to convert a wide range of biomass fuels into steam, power or heat due to high operating reliability and fuel flexibility
  • being one of the technological leaders in solving socially-created environmental problems through thermal utilisation of agro-industrial biomass waste
  • being a challenging and attractive place to work
  • aiming to become the best supplier and workplace in the world.


Professional Pride

  • We strive for the right solution

  • We deliver on time

  • We are highly professional and have excellent technical expertise

  • We focus on the time schedule

It is our belief that focus on time schedule and the right solution is fundamental for a positive business development.


Be Aware of Your Responsibilities

  • We show trust

  • We provide freedom

  • We expect initiative and commitment

We show trust and give freedom, and expect that our employees take responsibility and carry out their job

in a professional manner.


Openness and helpfulness

  • We have a high level of information sharing

  • We help each other

  • We are determined to pursue the common agenda

We have a strong fellowship with a high degree of openness and helpfulness, which all together creates the energy to act with resolve and vigour.


Understanding and Appropriate Behaviour

  • We listen carefully

  • We say, what we mean

  • We mean, what we say

  • We are reliable in all relations

By understanding and appropriate behaviour, we mean our ability to take responsibility and to care about all aspects and interests for the benefit of the involved parties.


Perfection and Perseverance

  • Overview through insight

  • We take pride in working professionally

  • We focus on the crucial details

Perfection and perseverance defines the way we work and we go all the way for the common cause.


Learning and Innovation

  • We share knowledge
  • We learn from each other
  • We prioritise and value the face-to-face meeting

We recognise the importance of the face-to-face meeting between people across  the organisation, and with our customers and suppliers.


Business Acumen and Common Sense

  • We know the goal and the direction
  • We strive for the good result
  • We not only know how – we also know why

Business acumen and common sense form an important basis for our work and

our ability to keep the direction.


The Rothes CoRDe plant was delivered as a turnkey project by AET. Once again, AET created a perfect and innovative solution for the customer.

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