• Project Organisation

Project Organisation

The Company works in a matrix-based project organisation that ensures flexible, effective, and punctual resource allocation for each project. AET has established detailed procedures for the undertaking of all activities of a project in order to ensure that the given supply is delivered on time and to the agreed quality.

Source: Management.


A project group is established for managing each project. The project group comprises one or more representatives from each of the departments involved. The group coordinates and handles all project tasks, and is responsible for the fulfilment of the contractual obligations regarding the quality and the time schedule. The group is headed by a project manager who is responsible for providing an effective link between the project group and the management, the customer and other external partners.

The project manager is already appointed at the final stage of the sales phase and will participate in the final technical and commercial negotiations.


No later than one month after a contract has been signed, the project manager will prepare an overall plan for the entire project. The plan will include the time-schedule for all the main activities of the project. The plan also includes an overview of all major external milestones and internal engineering milestones, as well as the payment schedule. This plan constitutes the basis for further detailed planning and resource allocation for the project.


The project group holds frequent meetings in order to manage and coordinate the different tasks of the project. In addition, information meetings are also held regularly with the entire project staff in order to ensure that all members take ownership of the project.

The project finances are monitored closely throughout the entire project period. The project group undertakes a budget follow-up once a month. In addition, the budget finances are reviewed with management every quarter.


Following the take-over by the customer, the project enters the warranty period, which is handled by AET’s commissioning department. During the guarantee phase regular supervision of the plant is carried out in order for the company to be able to support the customer in the best possible way and to gather as much experience as possible for the benefit of future projects and possible changes of operating conditions on existing plants.


In conclusion, AET has a set of well-functioning and thoroughly tested project procedures. As a consequence, AET has gained an impressive track record of projects delivered on time, in accordance with quality and performance requirements and all within budget.

For each project, a dedicated project group is established by AET that follows the project to completion.

Efficient project coordination is essential for the timely delivery of the order.

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