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Company Profile

AET is a leading, independent engineering and contracting company supplying biomass-fired boiler plants, power plants, and CHP plants within Europe.

As one of the technological leaders in solving socially-created environmental problems through thermal utilisation of agro-industrial biomass waste, the company continuously strives to improve its technology and make the best biomass-fired power and CHP plants in the world.


The business comprises the design, engineering, delivery and service of biomass plants fired with all forms of biomass, primarily wood chips, wood waste, sander dust and bark, but also other biomass fuels such as draff/distillers grain, poultry litter, and meat and bone meal, as well as straw and other agricultural residue. The fuels are used separately or in combination, and AET supplies plants in the size range 25 to 170 MWth.


Aalborg Energie Technik (AET) also carries out operation and maintenance, consultancy work, overhaul and maintenance activities, and assists in the optimisation of the operating conditions for existing plants.


High Efficiency, Availability and Low Emissions

AET is recognised as one of the most innovative biomass boiler suppliers in the world. We have a well-known and established reputation for supplying biomass boilers and combustion systems with exceptionally high efficiencies and availabilities, high fuel flexibility, and low emission impact.


Moreover, the systems have very low maintenance costs. The company’s boiler and combustion system concept is based on more than 30 years of hands-on experience with steam generation and biomass combustion.




"We will provide the best solutions for our clients and we will always deliver on time!"


High level of In-house Competencies

AET is able to provide the best customised power plant solutions by utilising the substantial accumulated know-how and work experience within the company.

The company has more than 140 employees, of whom the majority are engineers. Most of the employees have 10 - 25 years of experience in designing and implementing power generating systems. AET is a great company to work for and the employees are very loyal to the company.

AET supplies some of the most efficient CHP and power plants in the world. The Western Wood Energy Power Plant shown above has continuously been the most efficient power plant in the UK since its start-up in 2008.

The Rothes CoRDe combined heat and power Plant in Scotland was inaugurated in April 2013. It is a good example of how to increase efficiency and protect the environment by utilising resources in an optimal manner.

The Rothes CoRDe CHP plant processes and burns solid residues from the malt whisky distilling process, known as draff, together with clean wood.  Annual fuel input is approximately 115,000 tons of wet draff from local distilleries and 60,000 tons of uncontaminated wood chips. Power is exported to the grid and heat is utilised for draff fuel drying as well as in the whisky process. 

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