• Upgrades & Improvements

Plant Improvements, Rebuild & Upgrades

Aalborg Energie Technik a/s (AET) is a market leader within boiler efficiency, availability and reliability and has in-depth knowledge of how to increase the availability and efficiency of biomass-fired CHP or power plants.

Efficiency Increases

Efficiency gains can be obtained for an existing spreader stoker or travelling grate system utilising the in-house technology to replace parts from the plant with AET designed equipment and plant engineering.

AET offers a range of services that may increase efficiency, such as:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Engineering studies
  • Combustion system optimisation
  • AET dosing bin
  • AET travelling grate
  • AET combi spreader
  • Optimisation of boiler/turbine cycle
  • Change of other existing plant components

Availability Upgrade

The plants supplied by AET have the highest availability in the market and AET thus has significant in-house expertise for performing an examination of the existing plant and for determining the range of options to increase availability.

First, an availability examination is carried out, after which an availability report is prepared and a proposed plan of action is put forward, always focusing on value added for the customers.


Potential savings through improving efficiency and availability

AET Service Team is able to support you in improving efficiency and availability for biomass fired plants.

Most often it is possible to calculate the possible gains by high efficiency and weigh this against the possible measures to be taken.

In the same way it is possible to estimate the gains by high availability and find the most process critical components in order to judge possible payback.

In both high efficiency and high availability the AET Service Team can assist you in e.g. inspections, boiler calculations, steam /water calculations, reporting, meetings.


Questions? Need detailed information?

Please get more information about this fossil fuel to biomass conversion: Contact our service department  here

AET spreader stoker.

The combustion system is examined and improved.

AET monitors and analyses the plant and proposes possible improvements.

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