• Operation and Maintenance

Operation and Maintenance

Operation & Maintenance (O&M) contracts are offered primarily in connection with new sales.

An O&M contract provides a ‘safety net’ for the plant owner as the plant will be operated and maintained by the technology provider who is perfectly placed to guarantee lifetime, availability and output in the best possible way.


Acting as both the technology provider and the EPC contractor enables AET to guarantee the electricity output for each year as well as giving a fixed price for the maintenance. It would be very difficult for another company that does not know the details of the plant and the system to give them any kind of guarantees.


Collecting operating data continuously provides the opportunity to analyse and take decisions on the performance and lifetime of the whole plant. This information also gives a solid platform for continuous improvement of both the plant itself and the equipment developed by AET.


Services Related to O&M:

O&M Personnel

  • Recruitment
  • Management & AET back office
  • Training

Operator Facilities & Equipment

  • Mobilisation
  • Operator office facility
  • Workshop equipment (mechanical, electrical, laboratory)

O&M Supplies

  • Fuel monitoring, sampling, handling
  • Lubricants, utilities and consumables
  • Spare parts management

O&M Activities

  • Dispatch and scheduling
  • Documentation: O&M, performance
  • Defects during Defect Liability Period (DLP)
  • Boiler inspections
  • Maintenance, QA & safety
  • Improvements to the plant
  • Emission monitoring
  • Site management and security

Insurance and Taxes

  • Plant and personnel
  • Operating permits
  • Duties, taxes, fees, levies

Warranty and Bonds

The WWEP has one of the UK's highest availabilities due to the quality of the plant and the efficient O&M. Click on image to see the data from OFGEM.



The power plants are being monitored continuously.

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