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Conversion from Fossil Fuel to Biomass

AET has developed solutions for successfully converting plants from the use of coal to biomass. AET is thus able to convert even very large coal-fired power stations so that they can handle and use biomass as fuel.

One of the examples is the Verdo Power Plant (previously Energi Randers) that went from being a 100% coal-fired CHP plant to being able to use 100% biomass. Read more about this here.


Biomass is a renewable and carbon-neutral energy source, and as such it is the sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. There is a strong political desire to implement renewable energy supply in many countries. This has led to economic incentives for biomass-based energy generation. These incentives vary from country to country and also vary over time in the individual countries.


The emission in particular of SO2 and NOx are generally lower for biomass than for fossil fuels. Therefore, a biomass conversion of a fossil fuel-fired power station can reduce or even eliminate the cost of complying with current and future legislation.


An additional advantage is that a biomass conversion allows older units to operate for an extended period under conditions that are both profitable and environmentally sound.


Description of Coal to Biomass Conversion

Existing coal-fired boilers can be converted to biomass firing. This requires a modification of the fuel-handling and preparation system as well as an evaluation of the boiler suitability and any necessary modifications to the combustion system. In most cases original fuels can be maintained and this increases boiler fuel flexibility


Range of Services Provided by AET:

  • Feasibility study
  • Fuel handling system
  • AET fuel dosing and transport system
  • AET combi-spreaders (coal and/or biomass) or AET biomass spreader
  • Boiler refurbish of furnace and superheater
  • AET dust firing system
  • AET overfire-air system
  • Ash handling system
  • Instrumentation
  • Engineering of control system
  • Erection of equipment
  • Design of electrical and control system
  • Commissioning

Questions? Need detailed information?

To obtain more information about fossil fuel to biomass conversion:


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AET Dust Firing System.

The Verdo CHP plant in Randers is now using 100% biomass to create electricity and district heating for the city of Randers.

AET combi spreader.

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