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AET in the press

"Nordjysk energi-virksomhed lander stor aftale i Storbritannien", TV2, 1.9.2016. Read more here.
"Aalborg Energie Technik firedobler resultat", Lederidag.dk, 6 Jun 2016. Read more here.
"Østkraft ombygges fra kul til biomasse. Østkraft har bestilt ombygning af kraftværket fra kul til biomasse hos Aalborg Energie Technik A/S." Read more here.
"AET renove et convertit des chaudiéres industrielles", Bioenergie International, Mar/Apr 2016. Read more here.
"A New lease of life- Updating existing plants to fire biomass via retrofits", Bioenergy Insight, Jan/Feb 2016. Read more here.
"DENMARK: Coal plant to convert to biomass", ENDS waste & bioenergy, November 2015. Read more here.
"Une chaudière bois Aalborg Energie Technik de 50 MW chez DRT", Bioénergie International, December 2014. Read more here.

"Pose de la première pierre de la centrale de cogénération Biolacq énergies", Bioenergie Promotion, July 2014. Read more here.


"Helius CoRDe Cogeneration plant - Future proofing the spirit of Speyside", Bioenergy International, May 2014.Read more here.
Boiler is being installed on the Cofely BES VSG site at Vielle-Saint-Girons in France "Vielle-Saint-Giron - La chaudière Biomasse s'installe", Sud-Ouest France, December 2013. Read more here.
"Cheers to that - Prince Charles opened the much anticipated £60 million Helius CoRDe biomass plant", Bioenergy insight September - October 2013. Read more here.
"Successful start of new biomass fired co-generation plant", Food & Drinks Industry Europe, July-August 2013. Read more here.
"Scotch Whiskey Industry goes green", Food & Drinks Industry Europe, July-August 2013. Read more here.
"Whiskey by-product powers national grid", The Herald Scotland, 16th July 2013. Read more here.


"Vinderen af DI Aalborgs Initiativpris ved alt om energirigtig whiskyproduktion", DI, 28th June 2013. Read more here.
Helius obtains ROC

"Helius CoRDe CHP plant opens in Scotland, earns RO accreditation", Biomass magazine, April 23 2013. Read more here.

"Pedalling towards CHP Goals" , Bioenergy Insight, 24th December 2012 Read more here.
"Scotland toasts new whisky powered bioenergy plant", the Guardian 4th May 2011 Read more here.


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