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AET – decarbonisation

Committed to CO2 Reduction in the energy production, want to learn more OR want to act now? Contact CEO Lars Kristensen at lkr@aet.dk or +45 9632 8603


Our world is facing big challenges with climate change and limited resources. This will influence our children’s lives. To reach the climate neutrality goal within the EU by 2050, it is a pleasure to see the increasing awareness that climate change is now getting from the energy intensive industries.


No matter which types of industry, for example the chemical industry, many of you have already taken a huge responsibility and have started the CO2 reduction journey. This shows great leadership and a commitment towards a cleaner world for our children.


The CO2 reduction can be done by converting from fossil fuel combustion, whether it is coal, oil or natural gas to combustion of biomass residuals instead. The residuals can for example be from: forests, sawmills, papermills, demolition of buildings, household waste. In general, residuals are materials which cannot be used any further in the circular economy.


Transforming these residuals into valuable green energy is vital. This decarbonisation is also vital for our health, and how we hand over the globe to our children. We see that many companies have decarbonisation on the agenda. It is time to act for the boards and CEO’s, especially in energy intensive companies.


Why focus on biomass residuals? Biomass residuals typically end up in landfills. When landfilled, the residuals will slowly degrade and release Methane directly into the atmosphere. Therefore, it is better to combust the residuals and transform them to valuable green energy. Furthermore, the residuals are very often locally available and cheap and therefore support you with a good business case.


For the industries, needing continuous power and steam, we can provide you with a highly efficient combined heat and power plant with high overall efficiency, high boiler efficiency, extremely low in-house power consumption, high availability, minimum usage of the limited resources over entire lifetime of the energy plant.


Our world is facing huge challenges, and to recover, we strongly recommend investing in biomass residual-fired plants to make your energy plant climate neutral and to support a viable business case. Only working together, we can achieve a world and a future that we all want.


This is how AET envision the solution for energy intensive companies to become CO2 neutral and energy efficient. We are here to help you – please call us: Lars Kristensen at lkr@aet.dk, +45 9632 8603.



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AET – Timelapse

The Solvay Chemical plant in Rheinberg produces soda and soda bicarbonate, required for the manufacturing of glass, solar panel, detergents, baking powder, flue gas cleaning etc.

As their customers requires products based upon green energy, CO2 duties keep increasing and owners require to improve competition, Solvay took a decision and initiated a major modernisation project at their Rheinberg cogeneration plant.

The project assist to phase out coal and use waste wood to reduce CO2 emissions by 190.000 tons/year and positively reduces other emissions, such as Sulphur oxides and nitrogen oxides.

In order to achieve their ambitious goal, Solvay Chemicals GmbH contracted AET to supply an AET Biomass Boiler (90 MWt, 111 bara, 480 C) solution to generate steam to a steam turbine, which produce green electricity and process steam for the production of chemicals.

Some facts about the project:
• The most modern combustion technology with lowest internal power consumption in industry!
• The AET Biomass Boiler fulfil the 17th BImschV, which guarantees stringent emissions
• The waste wood raw material is collected locally (around 150 kilometer's away), which assists the regional community to deposit waste in a green and safe way.

Norbert Mülders, plant manager and managing director at Rheinberg, Solvay Chemicals GmbH: "During the project, AET has shown great commitment and flexibility to fulfil the time schedule, especially taking Covid-19 into consideration. AET is definitely a good partner in the long-term perspective with low OPEX, including high boiler efficiency, low power consumption and low maintenance costs”.

At AET we are proud of our excellent cooperation with Solvay and our many customers in the Chemical Sector and we are always ready to assist the sector in its needs for reduction of CO2.
So - are you ready for CO2 neutral energy production with a reliable partner? Let’s start the journey for a greener future today and help each other get there! Please contact Sales Director Claus Ellemann at cel@aet.dk and +45 9632 8601.


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"Biomass - a renewable energy source" goes behind the scenes of one of the leading engineering and EPC contracting companies within the biomass-fired power and CHP plant business in Europe.

Founded by the CEO and two of his colleagues, Aalborg Energie Technik a/s (AET) has experienced a steady growth over the years. The in-house engineering skills combined with the company's unique culture and the ability to develop innovative solutions is a non-imitable resource and the reason behind the success of the company.


In this movie three of the AET references are presented:

  • Western Wood Energy Plant, United Kingdom
  • Linz-Mitte Energie Anlage, Austria
  • Gütersloh Energie Anlage, Germany.

An opinion on AET solutions and the AET way of managing the projects is given by the respective customers. Furthermore, a part of the technology and the approach which enables AET to design, develop and supply biomass plants with a reliability of 99% and a boiler efficiency of more than 92% is revealed. Finally this movie also discusses the advantages of biomass on a general basis and compares it with other renewable energy sources.


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Video from Linz Mitte cogeneration plant

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Video from Linz-Mitte Energie-Anlage, Austria

18% of all district heating to the third-largest city of Austria, Linz, is provided by a biomass-fired combined heat and power (CHP) plant.

The biomass plant is built, owned and operated by Linz AG. AET supplied the CHP plant.


Biomass district heating reduces CO2 emission

The use of renewable energy sources for district heating reduces emissions by approximately 50,000 CO2 ton/year in the area of Linz. The biomass plant fulfils the requirement of Linz AG to supply green electricity and bio heating.


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