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Installation of SNCR DeNOx systems for two heavy fuel oil-fired boilers

The history of producing a great variety of ingredients for the food industry goes back many years for Aarhuskarlshamn Denmark A/S. For the last 40 years, steam has been supplied from two heavy fuel oil-fired high pressure steam boilers, both still in good condition.

In January 2008, the rules for atmospheric emissions were tightened, and it was necessary to reduce the NOx emission levels of the two old boilers.

In 2007, Aalborg Energie Technik a/s was commissioned to install DeNOx plant equipment for the two heavy fuel oil-fired boilers based on AET SNCR technology. From January 2008, both units were back in full operation in time to meet the new emission requirements.

Scope of work and services:

  • Design, supply, installation and commissioning of two complete SNCR DeNOx plants for existing heavy fuel oil-fired boilers including reagent storage tank and pumps for ammonia water or urea.

After-Sales Services

AET offers a range of after-sales services, from simple day-to-day support of the clients' own operators to extensive and long-term O&M contracts. AET takes care of the daily operation and the entire maintenance of a complete plant for an agreed number of years. AET also offers renovation and upgrading of plant equipment when required.

We find it valuable to build and maintain close relations between the daily plant operator and our specialists in Aalborg. The exchange of information and experience, supported by our design team, ensures a reliable and optimal operation, and stimulates new ideas for future designs.

Additional Information

  • Aarhuskarlshamn focuses on value-added solutions. “A value-added solution is not just a final product but also a complex bundle of services, such as customisation, problem-solving, market advice, delivery systems, technical support and whatever else is needed to meet our customer’s needs”.
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Scada System at Aarhuskarlshamn.

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