Swiss Krono Energie Anlage 3, Germany

Maintenance and upgrading support

The Swiss Krono Plant is a biomass-fired combined heat and power plant with an annual fuel input of approx. 130,000 tons of wood waste, chipboard waste and sander dust.


The plant was commissioned in 2002.

Our service team is in regular contact with the plant manager and operators concerning O&M of the CHP plant to assist and secure optimal load and high reliability.

Scope of work and services:

  • 2003: Upgrading of licence to burn heavy contaminated fuel, class A3-A4
  • 2004: 170 m2 Inconel weld overlay on furnace panel walls
  • 2007: Supply and installation of SNCR deNOx plant for NOx reduction
  • Half-yearly inspection of boiler and combustion systems
  • Various overhaul and spare parts supply.

Additional Information

  • Swiss Krono is the pioneer in the area of board manufacturing and emphasises environmentally-friendly construction
  • To obtain more information about this biomass plant and AET: Contact AET sales here.

The Swiss Krono power plant in Germany.

Inspection of the boiler and combustion system.

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