• Invoicing information

General information to be included on all invoices

The following information must be included on invoices regarding AET:


Invoicing reference

Name of technical contact person/project number. Example: Kristian Bager/10240.



Invoicing address

The invoicing address depends on the project.



Delivery address

The delivery address is stated in our commercial and/or technical documents and will depend on the project.



Supplier VAT number

The supplier's own VAT number must be stated on the invoice.



AET VAT number

AET's local VAT number must be stated on the invoice, depending on the delivery address. Please find below specific information by country.



Statistical information

- INTRASTAT number
- Country of origin
- Unit weight.


Split of invoices

Invoices must be split in two:

- one for  workshop activities/production

- one for work carried out on AET site (when the scope of supply includes erection/commissioning).


Payment information

IBAN number and SWIFT code.

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