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The Two French Cofely Services Projects are on Schedule

The two French CHP plants, COFELY GDF SUEZ  BES VSG (DRT) and COFELY SODC Orléans are advancing according to schedule and the important milestones of boiler pressure tests were recently passed with great success.


The SODC Orléans plant is a 37 MW CHP plant producing 8 MWe Electricity and 25 MWdistrict heating. This plant will supply district heating for the northern part of Orléans. The district heating network covers 15,000 homes, equivalent to 27% of the Orléans city. The wood (110,000 tonnes/year) is expected to be supplied within a radius of 150 kilometres and will be based on three fuel resources: forestry products, residues from sawmill, and clean recycled wood. More about the Cofely SODC Orleans project here


The 50 MW Cofely BES VSG project in the Landes area is expected to create more than 50 direct and indirect jobs, produce 97 GWh of electricity/year and 214 GWh of steam/year without the use of fossil fuels. This will reduce CO2 emissions by 20,000 tonnes/year as the plant efficiency will be more than 60%. The biomass-fired CHP plant will have an annual fuel input of 150,000 tonnes of forestry wood, and clean, uncontaminated residues from wood processing. More about the Cofely BES VSG project here.

Cofely BES VSG and Orléans Plants on Schedule
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