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Performance Improvement at Nordic Sugar

AET's Service team has had the pleasure of optimising the performance of two out of four oil-fired boilers (K5 and K7) at the sugar factory at Nordic Sugar in Nykøbing F. (DK).


The individual performance optimisation, measured on the boiler outlet indicated:

- NOx reduced by 10-30% without use of SNCR

- Improving boiler efficiency by 0.5% and 1.8%

- Ammonia water consumption and NH3 slip are also reduced remarkably.


Nordic Sugar (part of Nordzucker group) therefore saves cost for oil, CO2 fee and ammonia water as well as they ensure that the emissions criteria can comply with future requirements, and it will further be possible to increase load in the boiler house.


The job has included changing critical design in the burners, introducing FGR and optimising the combustion and boiler operation. This was done during the sugar beet campaign.


Do your boilers need optimisation? Please call +45 9632 8600 and ask for Services.

Performance improvement at Nordic Sugar
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