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Østkraft Orders Fuel-conversion to Biomass at AET

AET has received an order for the conversion of Østkraft's 20 year old boiler plant to combust biomass instead of coal.

The conversion and rebuilding with installation and commissioning will take place from July - September 2016.


AET-developed Spreader Stoker makes efficient co-firing possible.

After the conversion the plant will be capable of firing 100% biomass or 100% coal or all other combinations in between. This is possible thanks to AET's in-house knowledge and expertise and the AET Combi Spreader Stoker.


AET has an extensive experience with refurbishment and improvement of plants, a.o. Previously, AET has been responsible for a similar conversion of the plant VERDO in Randers. VERDO has since 2009 also been responsible for giving advice to Østkraft, in order for them to select the best technology.


Hans Erik Askou, CEO at Aalborg Energie Technik a/s, states:

”At AET, we are very happy that this project will now come to realisation after several years of project work. We are proud that AET has been selected to be responsible for the core part of the project: Supply and conversion of the combustion plant. An efficient and constructive cooperation among all involved is the AET approach to reach the target of an on time and well-functioning and flexible plant. The concept is well proven in a similar project, which we have already completed for Verdo in Randers.”




For more information about the project:  

Hans Erik Askou, CEO, askou@aet-biomass.com, +45 9632 8632.


For more information - press:

Erik Flemming Hansen, Sales & Marketing Director, efh@aet-biomass.com, +45 9632 8601.



About Østkraft

Østkraft is owned by the regional municipality of Bornholm and thereby all of the local population.

Østkraft sells electricity to residential and business customers - both on Bornholm and in the rest of Denmark. More than 4,500 customers outside the island have chosen Østkraft as their supplier.

Through a series of development projects, Østkraft contributes to converting Bornholm into an even greener island. In addition, we maintain street lighting, produce district heating and much more.



About Aalborg Energie Technik (AET)

The Danish company AET is a leading, independent engineering and contracting company supplying biomass-fired boiler plants, power plants and CHP plants in the size 25 to 170 MWth.

The AET business comprises design, engineering, supply and service of plants fired with all kinds of biomass. The well-proven AET combustion system is based on more than 30 years of experience with industrial CHP processes, steam generation and biomass combustion.

The company has a well proven reputation in supplying biomass fired boilers and plants with exceptional high efficiency, high availability, high fuel flexibility and low emissions. Together with low maintenance costs, this forms the basis for a viable business for AET customers.

Østkraft. Photo by Niels Chr. Bohn Pihl.
AET Dual Fuel Combi Spreader.
AET Dual Fuel Combi Spreader.
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