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Another AET Biograte ready for shipment


Yet another AET Biograte on the way for a biomass-fired project in Europe. The AET Biograte has the advantage of:
- being robust
- having a long lifetime
- resulting in low maintenance costs
- having high availability
- operating with low emissions.

The AET Biograte furthermore provides the possibility to get a high boiler efficiency for many biomass fuels, as the oxygen content can be very low.

The biomass fuels can be residues from forests (e.g. trimmings and bark), residues form industries (e.g. sawmills, rape-seed production), agro residues (e.g. sorghum and maize), contaminated fuels (e.g. demolition wood and chipboard waste) and others (MBM and chicken litter).

Please contact Michael S. Huus at +45 2630 0732 and/or msh@aet-biomass.com for further information about the AET Biograte and optimising of biomass combustion.

Another AET Biograte ready for shipment
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