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AET Hands Over the Boiler Plant to BES VSG in France

Aalborg Energie Technik a/s (AET) has on 24 February 2015 made the final handover of the 50 MW fuel heat input boiler (525 °C, 120 bara) to Biomass Energy Solutions VSG - a consortium consisting of DRT, Cofely Services (ENGIE Group), and Caisse des Dépôts.

The biomass-fired CHP plant will have an annual fuel input of 150,000 tons of forestry wood and clean, uncon­taminated residues from wood processing, and from tall oil obtained from the distillation process at DRT. The co­generation plant will supply DRT with steam for their industrial processes, and at the same time it will export up to 17 MWe to the public grid.


In a continuous effort to reduce the impact of industrial activities on the environment, DRT has made the search for alternatives to petroleum-based products its top priority. This project is therefore a natural continu­ation of the work initiated by DRT in eco-friendly developments. Thanks to the biomass cogeneration plant, all of the fossil energy consumed by the Vielle-Saint-Girons site will be spared, thereby preventing the emission of more than 400,000 tons of CO2 over 20 years of operation, equivalent to the emissions of 8,000 motor vehicles.


The scope of AET included the AET Fuel dosing system, the AET Combustion System, the AET Biomass Boiler, the tall oil burner, the AET SNCR DeNOx system, the complete boiler house, the bag filter with lime injection system and the PLC control system.


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For further information about the project:

Claus Johansen, Area Sales Manager, cjo@aet-biomass.com, +45 96 32 86 61

Frank S. Lund, Sales Manager, fsl@aet-biomass.com, +45 96 32 86 33

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Erik Flemming Hansen, Sales & Marketing Director, efh@aet-biomass.com, +45 9632 8601


Notes to editors

About Biomass Energy Solutions VSG

World leader in the development of rosin and turpentine extracted from pine, DRT responded to the French government call for tender over one year ago with a proposal to eliminate the consumption of fossil fuels at its facility in Vielle-Saint-Girons. To generate power, the site will instead use byproducts obtained from the distillation of tall oil. To respond to the bid, the company Biomass Energy Solutions VSG was formed, bringing together DRT, Cofely Services (GDF SUEZ Group), and the Caisse des Dépôts. This new conglomerate of major industry players has financed and built the cogeneration plant and will operate it for the next 20 years.


About Cofely Services, ENGIE

An environmental and energy efficiency services company, Cofely Services provides companies and local authorities with solutions to use energy more efficiently and to reduce their environmental impacts. Its expertise is based on three long-term areas of know-how: improving energy and environmental performance of buildings, locally producing renewable energy and integrating services. In France, Cofely Services employs 12,500 people and in 2014 had a turnover of €2.5 billion. Cofely Services is part of ENGIE B2B Energie Services, a European leader in multi-technical services with a turnover of €15.7 billion in 2014 and employing 100,000 people. It is one of the five operating divisions belonging to ENGIE, a world leading energy provider www.cofelyservices-gdfsuez.fr.


About DRT

DRT is specialised in the development of rosin and turpentine extracted from pine resin. As a French family-owned company, DRT employs 1,200 people and boasts sales of €350 million. Over 80% of sales are generated in international markets. DRT has sales offices and numerous industrial sites across the globe, including four factories in France, one in China and three in India through a joint venture. DRT mainly supplies the perfume, adhesive, rubber, ink and food supplement markets.


About Aalborg Energie Technik (AET)

The Danish company Aalborg Energie Technik a/s (AET) is a leading, independent engineering and contracting company supplying biomass fired boiler plants, power plants, and combined heat and power plants (CHP) in the size range of 25 to 170 MWth.

The business comprises design, engineering, delivery and service of plants fired with all kinds of biomass. The well-proven AET Biomass Boiler and AET Combustion System are based on more than 30 years of hands-on experience with industrial processes, steam generation and biomass combustion.

The company has a well-known and recognized reputation for supplying biomass-fired boilers and plants with exceptionally high efficiencies, high availabilities, high fuel flexibility and low emissions. Moreover, with very low maintenance costs, the AET biomass plants ensure the investor a viable business case.

Handover of BES VSG plant
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