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The Rothes CoRDe Ltd. Plant is a biomass-fired CHP plant located in Rothes, Speyside, Scotland with an annual fuel input of 115,000 tons of wet draff from local whisky distilleries and 60,000 tons of clean, uncontaminated wood chips.

The plant utilises a combination of a whisky distillery by-product (draff) and wood chips and generates 7.2 MWe – enough to supply 9,000 homes with electricity.

The cogeneration plant also supplies approx. 12 t/h of process steam to an evaporation plant. The CHP plant saves 64 000 tons of CO2/year.


Performance Test

The biomass-fired CHP plant was successfully commissioned and handed over in mid-2013. The official performance test, witnessed by Fichtner, indicated the following performance figures:

  • Net power production (compared to guarantee): 104%
  • Specific fuel consumption (compared to guarantee): 88–92%
  • Emissions were well below required emission limits

AET Turnkey Supply

As a turnkey supplier, AET has designed, supplied, constructed and commissioned the following:

  • Fuel reception, handling and storage systems for draff and wood chips
  • Draff pressing and drying system
  • AET Fuel feeding and dosing system
  • AET Combustion System with AET Spreader Stoker and AET-Biograte
  • AET Draff combustion system
  • AET Combustion air system
  • Natural gas burner
  • AET Biomassboiler with superheater and economiser
  • AET SNCR deNOx system
  • AET Steam air preheaters
  • Bag filter with lime injection system
  • Flue gas system and stack
  • Ash handling system
  • Steam turbine generator
  • Condenser and cooling tower
  • Water/steam system
  • Water treatment plant
  • Platforms and stairs
  • Electrical system
  • Instrumentation
  • PLC control and SCADA system
  • Boiler, turbine and service building

Additional Information

  • Two interesting articles have been published about the Helius CorDE Rabobank Ltd. project:
    • Food & Drink Business Europe (AUG/SEP 2013): “Successful start of new biomass fired cogeneration plant”, which provides information about the overall performance and Renewable Obligation Certificate (ROC) in UK. Read more.
    • Bioenergy Insight (SEP/OCT 2013): “Cheers to that!” which explains the fuel handling, AET Combustion System and AET Biomass Boiler. Read more.
  • Official opening Helius CoRDe Biomass plant. On 16th April 2013, HRH, Prince Charles, Duke of Rothesay, officially opened the Helius CoRDe 8.3 MWe biomass-fired combined heat and power plant at Rothes, Morayshire in Scotland. Read more.
  • Contract awarded for the construction of the biomass combined heat and power plant at Rothes in Speyside that by 2013 will use the by-products of the whisky-making process for energy production. The Rothes project burns the draff with wood chips to generate enough electricity to supply 9,000 homes. Read more in The Guardian (04.05.2011).
  • “Fuel flexible biomass boilers are the key words in the modern biomass power and CHP plant industry. AET has supplied plants that combust a wide range of biomass, such as agricultural and forest residues, poultry litter, meat and bone meal etc. Draff from the whisky industry is yet another interesting biomass source. Combusting such by-products is the ideal utilisation of biomass for energy production”, says Hans Erik Askou, managing director and one of the founders of AET. (The Bioenergy Site - 31.05.2011). Read more.
  • AET made a presentation at All Energy 2011 and Power Gen 2011 in Milan on the topic: “Efficient Utilisation of Distillery By-products” with the Rothes CoRDe plant as a case study.

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Boiler: 34 MWfuel heat input
  80 bara


8,3 MWe

Process energy:  

8,0 MWthermal

The Rothes CoRDe cogeneration plant produces heat and power. 

The plant utilises draff which is a by-product from whisky production. This comes from 17 different distilleries and is mixed 50/50 with wood chips.

On 16th April 2013, HRH, Prince Charles, Duke of Rothesay, officially opened the Rothes CoRDe 8.3 MWe biomass-fired combined heat and power plant at Rothes, Morayshire, Scotland.

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