Increasingly stricter legal requirements for NOx emissions, as well increased costs in connection with discharge, have led to an increasing number of companies investing in NOx reducing systems.

The SNCR deNOx system, specifically developed by AET, incorporates a number of well-proven solutions which together ensure a highly reliable system with a very long lifespan as well as a minimum of maintenance and operating downtime.


SNCR features:

  • Flexible for both urea and ammonia. With a simple rebuild a streamlined production which needs few spare parts is ensured
  • The system is highly flexible and can be used without rebuilds for changed fuel properties or boiler performance
  • A compact design ensures a quick overview of the plant, which limits the risk of operating errors
  • Heaters in the urea tanks are mounted in "pockets" to allow heaters to be replaced during operation
  • Double filters with differential pressure monitoring are parallel-mounted enabling filters to be cleaned or replaced during operation
  • Urea pump with magnetic coupling, i.e. without shaft seal, eliminating the risk of leaks
  • All conduits are stainless steel which prevents corrosion
  • Quick couplings on lance and hose connections resulting in quick removal/replacement.
  • Quick and simple dismantling of spray nozzle making it easy to clean lance connectors.

To ensure that the chemical reaction takes place optimally, the lances must have the correct location in the furnace room. This applies to both temperature as well as the allocation of urea across the whole cross section of the furnace room. AET’s considerable experience in designing biomass-fired boilers for a wide range of different fuels ensures that the customer will be presented with the best possible solution. This also ensures that the use of reducing agents and deonat are minimised, resulting in lower operating costs as well as a reduced impact on the environment.


In summary: Well-proven quality throughout the plant design.


Reduction of NOx in flue gas


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SNCR deNOx control system

Illustration of a deNOx installation.

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