AET Intelligent  Document System

Operating & Maintenance documents and relevant component data.


AET has developed an electronic documentation system, to make the operating and maintenance of an AET Boiler or turnkey system as easy as possible.


The system features:

  • Document selection in structure
    • Logical overview of all documents.
    • Document structure according to relevant systems and sub-systems.
    • Documents can be searched by text in document names.
  • Search by Tag number
    • Fast and easy tracking of component information with links to:
    • P&I-, Loop- and Wiring diagrams.
    • Relevant paragraph in functional description.
    • Operating and maintenance documents.
    • Components related to the equipment (ex. a pump) is found automatically.
  • Other features and possibilities
    • No need for 30-40 binders in the office or carrying 2-3 binders around in the plant.
    • Documents can be printed if necessary from the database.
    • When modifications are introduced, it is fast and easy for AET to update the documentation.
    • It is a GREEN solution where usage of paper is radically reduced.

AET will always recommend that the Intelligent Document System is used for the operating-, maintenance- and component data. The system is implemented in practice in several of our plants, - as an example the AET Intelligent Document System is the only documentation used at the Helius CoRDe plant in Scotland.


Short description of the system


All documents are delivered in standard PDF format and the user interface is mainly made to make the search and handling of documents efficient.


All relevant documents can be found, in two ways:

  • Document Tree Navigation in a well-structured document tree.
  • Search by Tag number, getting relevant documentation for the component.

By clicking on a document, found in either way, it is presented in a PDF viewer like shown in the picture below, ready for reading or printing if necessary. In larger documents, the relevant start page of interest in the document are in general found automatically.


When an equipment is found (by tag) all relevant documents are shown and furthermore, relevant component properties are shown in the right window pane, forexample:

  • Component design data (ex. preassure & temperature)
  • Material data & material code
  • Related documents attached to the equipment, forexample motor, drive, controller, switches...

By using AET Intelligent Document System, a lot of time is saved when searching information. Time is an important factor, in making efficient operating and maintenance on AET boilers and CHP plants.

Document search by entering tag number.

Read the tag, type it and get all data.

P&I -, electrical and loop diagrams directly on the screen. There is no need for numerous manuals on the shelf.

Document Tree Navigation:

Navigation in the document tree, is like navigating in a normal manual structure, and the naming of the different paragraphs are according to systems and subsystems.

Tag Number Search

When using tag number search, all relevant documents for the component in question, are shown in the document pane below the selection window.

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